Ralf's Pretzel Bakery

Authentic, organic Bavarian Soft Pretzels made in the U.S.A.

by German baker Ralf Sigl


Customer Comments

"We received our pretzels and they are wonderful!  We just had to indulge as soon as we got home from the post office. We got really hooked on pretzels when we were vacationing in Germany and your pretzels will help us keep the memories of that vacation alive.   Thanks so much.  Till our next order..."   Sue and Neal, NE

"Ralf and Kacy,  Thank you so much for baking the BEST pretzels!!  We recieved our order for my husband's birthday last week, and they came in perfect shape...and taste.  He was so surprised to find that even his card wished him well in German (thank you for that special touch).    We will visit your website frequently to see what might be new and to order again and again!  What a treat!  Our best to you and to your bakery."    Becky, Ohio 


"I'll plan to order on a regular basis from now on. We go through broetchen so quickly as my husband and son are both German. Just finished up the last order today. We left Germany about three years ago and we're so fortunate to find your website. We have them for breakfast and abendtisch as well. Your broetchen are ten times better than the ones from germandeli.com"    ~ Jen, Minnesota


"I recently received my order of pretzels from your bakery.  They are fantastic; easily the best American-made soft pretzels I have had.
My wife was particularly pleased to learn that they're made with organic ingredients, and my 1-year-old son, Fritz, loves them, too.  As for my assessment:  Paired with a fresh "Halbe" of Loewenbraeu and a bit of sweet butter, the taste and texture is absolutely right -- aecht!"  
~ Gary, New York


"I received the pretzels and they are delicious! Thanks for such a great product!"
~ Linda, Minnesota
"Just received my first batch of Bavarian pretzels....say Hello to a new 
repeat customer!!! WOW!! These are fantastic...the 30 years since I 
lived in Germany as a boy just came flooding back to me in a wave of 
incredible flavor.  Thank you for making a truly remarkable pretzel. 
Unfortunately, I will never be able to eat store bought Snyders again. 
So instead, I will be ordering again...and again... and again..."
~ Scot, Nevada
"My partner Wolf is from Stuttgart, and says your pretzels are the only authentic ones he has had in this country. He's looking forward to trying the buns."
~  Sharon, Georgia